Sunday, February 25, 2007

To Stitches West and Back Again

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What a whirlwind! Last week was really hectic with work, meetings, and more work. Then there was planning and packing for Stitches West. And Wednesday we were on our way. I told myself I’d manage a blog post as soon as my first day of class was finished, but found that I was unable to download pictures and use the hotel’s internet service. But now I’m home, so here we go . . . .

On Wednesday, DH and I and our friends, C and E drove south to San Francisco. We dropped DH off for his checkup at the VA hospital on Thursday morning and took a drive down Highway 1 while we waited. We walked around the grounds of the Montara Lighthouse hostel, one of my favorite places. The clouds were gorgeous after our rainy drive the day before.

EdieWe headed south again and checked into the hotel and Stitches West. Then it was off to my first class, Intarsia Without Fear, taught by Edie Eckman. Check out that sweater she made! (Apologies to Edie, that’s the best picture I managed to take. Sheesh!)

Besides learning about intarsia, I learned a lot about how the direction of the yarn affects that stitches. Changing colors and weaving in ends can cause stitches to slant in odd directions and almost get scrunched out of view. I learned how to counteract these tendencies.

This was the way things went in all my classes — I gathered knitting tips that would improve my knitting way beyond the topic of the class. Now if I can just remember them and put them into practice!

EscalatorAfter my not-so-delicate explanation to our husbands that we would not be going to dinner with them ( I hated to ignore their disappointed puppy-dog eyes, but what’s a knitter to do? ) , C and I joined the line waiting to enter The Market, which promised to have more yarn than I’d ever seen in one place before.
Then an endless stream of knitters started to join us from the escalator. We all spent two hours surrounded by yarn of every kind imaginable. I was in a daze. There was something for everyone. The best part was being able to get my hands on yarns I’d only read about and see what it was really like. Well, I guess the very best part was the yarn I bought, but that will have to wait for my next post.Bar

For now, I’ll leave you with a common sight in the hotel lobby. It was funny to see yarn mixing with drinks on the bar. Knitters were working away — and talking nonstop — everywhere in the hotel.

My husband kept me up to date on what everyone was knitting and wearing. It was fun to have the guys along, and they threw themselves into the spirit of it all.

But I’m exhausted, so the next two days will have to wait for another post. It was great fun, and now it’s time to get some rest.